Shivering Isles

Region: Vortex of Random


Missing glitch already
the awe inspireing amazing ness of the sceenery as you wander glitch will be missed there is nothing like them except for in real dreams

Eternal twilight.
These last moments seem to last forever and then are quickly gone. Running and leaping through the streets, sunset is followed by twilight, livingrooms by kitchens, and so many other scenes.

Here, in this eternal twilight, the gradients so perfectly balanced, the silhouettes sit calmly until a Glitch leaps through, disturbing the tranquility of the view.

Unlike many places, this one is void of animals. The large trees the only notable figures in this landscape, white flowers and plants playing second fiddle to the backdrop.

In awe, I let my Glitch stand and wait for the final moments of light, but my patience is not that long. So onward, to other vistas, I will wander, keeping this perfect moment, eternally twilight, in my mind for dark days in the flesh world.
A strange Day
My head falls backs and the walls crash down
and the sky and the impossible explode
held for one moment I remember a song
an impression of sound
then everything is gone


A strange day...
and indeed there will be time
to prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet
time to murder and create
time for you and time for me
and time yet for a hundred indecisions
and for a hundred visions and revisions
before the taking of a toast and tea
this is where we took our first steps.
we were (un)born out of clouds
and plummeted onto silver ripples
of water?s silky skin, unable to see ourselves
in god?s mirror. we were black silhouettes,
our first memories ivory bone flowers and
foreboding blade branches.
we would touch our fingers to the water?s
seemingly unbreakable surface
and breathe out uncertain puffs of air.

our first language was the whistling of crickets
and since then we have always lingered out on the porches
of our firebog houses and bottle tree hideaways
in the night air, imitating them, almost understanding their messages to us.
when we close our eyes at night, sometimes,
we remember. we retaste that gradient of
pale lavender growing into a ceaseless blue.
A note to Stoot!
Thank you so much for this game! It was a wonderful little sanctuary and I'm very sad to see it go.

I don't know you...
...but I'll miss you.
May this be the beginning of new things, the start of good things, the entrance to many worlds.

May all our wishes find their way to fruition.
May life treat all of us very well.

In these final minutes (10 of them), we are sharing the beauty of this eternal twilight.

Thank you, everyone.
WE are amazing.

jf.sycamore (gmail)