juv3nal's Home Street

Owned by juv3nal


1 Patch.


I dunno ...
It looks pretty suspicious to me.
I love this spot so much.
Even more than a soopar seekrit hideout. And I bet you NEVER find this. Which makes this note even MORE soopar seekrit than your stoopit soopar seekrit hideout, so there.

Also NO I am not resentful about being excluded from the soopar seekrit hideout, relegated to the trying to not look suspicious front organization, reduced to making pretend hideouts behind trees. So don't even think that.
Write something!
eezy zekretz
On the load screen for your street it says:
" 1 patch "
and nothing else, so that was easy :-)

The real question is: how long before you find this note?

But the secret inside your house is safe...for now.

A note!
I moo at you....