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Booknerd's Home Street | Locations | Glitch

Booknerd's Home Street

Owned by Booknerd


6 Bubble Trees, and 1 Gas Plant.


Just a kiss
just a kiss
I have lived just for this
I can't explain why I've become
Miss Chatelaine

Just a smile just a smile
Hold me captive just a while
I can't explain why I've become
Miss Chatelaine

Every time your eyes meet mine
Clouds of qualm
Burst into sunshine

Just a sigh just a sigh
Words my love just reply
I can't explain why I've become
Miss Chatelaine
Miss Chatelaine


Just a smile just a smile
Hold me captive just a while
I can't explain why I've become
Miss Chatelaine

Every time your eyes meet mine
Quoins of qualm
Burst into sunshine

the cabinets downstairs..
have started speaking to me. not Light Blue--the only one I like. The others. Purple especially is vicious and I can't abide her eyes. But it is Bog who frightens me...I hear them moving.
things are bleak here. may show up at your place to lay low for a while. hope that's ok.

Is there a complaint box?
To whom it may concern,
I was here today to have my deviated septum fixed, I have terrible breathing problems and severe allergies which makes life terrible. I'm pretty sure my nose would have looked just like Halle Barry's when the swelling went down.
Anyway, if you can imagine, this snooty Glitch in red glitch-gitch asked me my age!!!!!! I told her to imagine my foot in her ass.
So back to my complaint, when security escorted me out, my collar got wrinkled! I expect compensation! Perhaps that Halle Barry nose no cost? I have a great lawyer and I WILL persue this terrible injustice!!

The Star System
While you're a white-hot youth, emit the rays
Which, now unmarked, shall dazzle future days.
Burn for the joy of it, and waste no juice
On hopes of prompt discovery. Produce!

Then, white with years, live wisely and survive.
Thus you may be on hand when you arrive,
And, like Antares, rosily dilate,
And for a time be gaseous and great.

- Richard Wilbur

"visitors" log
Vera Strange was here again. I used the Narnia closet to escape her eyes. She reminds me of imbri)), who I had to alert the FBI of after she broke in many times to speak to Pig Decor. Will certainly keep an eye on her.
Chester Todd was here and promises a "note" prior to 10:58pm EST. Is this the man we have been expecting? Another envoy of Booknerd? One of the missing?
That *WAS* a pickle in your pocket...
How did you do that?
I want my icons stuck to the wall.......they are quiet that way.
..Stand quietly maybe they won't notice you.
A note!
I love your tower! This room is beautiful!
Mrs. Nerd
I found this disgusting mess beneath my bed! I would hope for a complete refund with a possible gift of a GNG. Thak you and good day!

Mrs. Snood
Singing to an empty room...
Hi there, how are ya?
It's been a long time
Seems like we've come a long way
My, how we learn so slow
And heroes they come, and they go
And leave us behind as if we're supposed to know

Why do we give up our hearts to the past?
And why must we grow up so fast?

And all you wishing well fools with your fortunes
Someone should send you a rose
With love from a friend, it's nice to hear from you again
And the storybook comes to a close
Gone are the ribbons and bows
Things to remember, places to go
Pretty gnomes all in a row

Sorry booknerd couldn't resist with the name of your tower and all:) BTW, really really really nice tower!
A note!
Wasn't sure if ya wanted to restore this one so just left some mats.
I didn't know if you wanted another herb garden so I left it for you


Thank you Booknerd for the reading suggestions and titbit on first and second sleep. Very interesting.
Goodness gracious
What a place!
What a hideyhole!
Your corner of the glitchverse
Has my innards in a rigmarole

Thanks for the inspiration ;)
Dear Mrs. Vlad
It?s been so nice inheriting a long-time tenant like yourself with our acquisition of this building! And thank you for pointing out some of the ?improvements? we could make. I?m sorry we weren?t able to install the ?cat poop? room you requested. But we are certainly animal lovers! In fact, that is the reason for this letter. While investigating reports of an extremely unpleasant odor our staff found a bag of cat feces in the elevator. As new tenants are not even allowed pets I assume that you are the one who ?accidentally? left them there. Please refrain from doing so in the future. --Mgmt
Eviction Notice
3 Day Notice to Perform or Quit Date 24th of Fever Tenant's Name: Violet "Grandma" Vlad Address of Rental Unit: 6th Floor, Booknerd Folly This notice is to inform you that your actions have violated the following rules according to the terms of your rental agreement OR endangered the health and safety of another: Sanitation issues; loud, inexplicable noises; lewd messages left on external sign post; hectoring of tower visitors; non-compliance with decorating standards; fostering of hostile relationships with Giants (specifically Spriggan); violation of pet policy; stench. You are hereby required to cease your violations and take any necessary corrective action within 3 THREE days. If you fail to do so, legal proceedings will be instituted against you to recover the premises and any relevant damages and costs as allowed by the law. __Booknerd_______________________ Landlord?s Signature
if you need something
Call my cell. Don't come here again. Last warning. Jeffrey
also, no milking, nibbling, harvesting, etc...
A note!
Oh my goodness, i think I discovered how to leave a note. Has the Easter Bunny been here?
I love this room so much I had to take a snapshot for inspiration! Beautiful job.
To Do
cat food try to call Obama about my medicines more beer water plants get more fungicide find Jeffrey
A note!
Can you believe there are no carrots in carrot margarita?

I have your precious pig
This is a kidnapping. Contact me if you want canadion bacon back.
My apologies.
It would appear that I have pignapped the wrong pig. It turns out I was looking for Alaskan Bacon, the relative cousin of your Canadian Bacon. How embarrising. Please take these bottles of hooch with my apologies.
What chu need with all this lotion ?

happy time?
A note!
It's not like you to drop your shoes on the floor. Watch out or you will trip over them.
A note!
Put the chicks in your backyard (I think you don't need sticks to keep your livestock in your backyard) and feed them grain. When they are grown, they will incubate eggs for you.