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loalio's Home Street | Locations | Glitch

loalio's Home Street

Owned by loalio


1 Wood Tree, and 4 Crop Garden plots.



I coudnt find any coal, so this may do
Hello~! I'm just saying hello~!
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Hey !! come visit me and add me as a friend or on facebook!! :)
thank you, friends!
i'm not gonna lie, i'm hella bummed that glitch is closing. i haven't been here for very long but i fell in love with the game immediately. but i'm not saying this to bring you down! i wanted to thank y'all for your part in making glitch as delightful as it is. i never imagined an mmo could have such a nice community; as someone with considerable social anxiety i was overjoyed to find a community as supportive and friendly as glitch's. so: thank you for everything, friends! i hope we can continue having a wonderful time together until the game's closing <3
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kissed nerd
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