Marion's Home Street

Owned by Marion


1 Patch, 1 Bubble Tree, 1 Spice Plant, 1 Gas Plant, and 3 Metal Rocks for mining.


A note!
sorry im leaving my pc on next 2 my alien friend while im not home lol..

so wen im afk i look like him
Dark woods and earth
Marion's tower should really be a cave,
dark and deep a parallel world.
Plunged stories below the earth,
with roots and under cozy fires.
It smells like teak wood
and damp soil.
It's a nice place.

This a place of quiet thinking
about dead dinosaurs
and naked ancient Glitches
things that make you wonder.. why.. and who.. and how.
smash your camera.
Don't let your grubby fingers touch.
The art.
Robot wanted me to leave u some cocknballs

So I did.

As a present

In your perfect museum.

We tainted it.