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I thought
with all these butterflies that you might could use a couple more collectors...Hugs
Filling your brain with skills
My, there are an awful lot of skills to learn, aren?t there?

You should know that at a certain point, the more skills you have, the slower you will learn them. This point is your brain capacity, which can be increased by purchasing the brain capacity upgrade cards. Those cards are a good investment.

You should also know that you can reduce the time to learn any skill by half! This can be done through spending giant favor, which you earn through completing quests and donating to shrines. Some giants are more helpful than others. Here is a link to an in-depth guide on donation:

Which skills should you learn first? That?s up to you! I personally recommend animal kinship and teleportation. I would not recommend blockmaking or furnituremaking, because they are very resource intensive. It is more efficient to learn one skill tree at a time, but if you prefer to dabble around, that is of course fine too.

Happy learning, and happy glitching!
A note!
Bonjour, peuple virtuel !!!
Dont be fooled
Those piggys are more slippery then they look! Good luck catching one
The Dementors are coming!
an officious decr33!
:33 < *the pouncellor approaches the dashing and elickgant legislacerator*
:33 < *she extends a most well-written and eloquent document*
:33 < *on it is written*
:33 < *hey terezi do you want to rp with me?*
an idea!
:33 < *the pouncellor would like to suggest*
:33 < *that purrhaps the two of us could go jellisac harfursting*
:33 < *after the grand completion of groddle meadows!*
A note!
Just wanted to m8ke sure you were having the 8est time!
Moj prvi zapis.