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Rini's Home Street

Owned by Rini


A Firefly Swarm, 68 Herb Garden plots, and 49 Crop Garden plots.


The Pink Bunny
Once upon a time there was a pink fluffy bunny. This bunny was pink, and also had fluffy fur, because he was a pink fluffy bunny. one day, this bunny was hopping down the side walk when he came across a tree, this tree sat there, doing nothing because trees don't do anything. the bunny circled around the tree, eating tall grass and cherries that fell from the tree (It was a cherry tree, Duh.). The bunny then hopped away, slightly bloated, his stomach full to the brim. he hopped and hopped until he saw some other bunnies, these bunnies pointed and laughed at the bunny because he was fat and pink. They then proceeded to roll him down a hill. The moral of this story is, that bunnies are mean, also there's no such thing as a pink bunny.
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