Crunchy's Home Street

Owned by Crunchy


12 Jellisac Growths, 2 Gas Plants, 1 Fruit Tree, 1 Wood Tree, 1 Spice Plant, 1 Bubble Tree, 2 Egg Plants, 1 Beryl Rock for mining, and 8 Herb Garden plots.


Oh Noes, A Theif!
Probably shouldn't leave such goodies lying around! Don't worry though, I didnt take anything. (Just left you this friendly note.)
I agree!
I started to try to gather things up to put them safely in your butler then realized there was WAY too much stuff to carry!

Hope it's all still here when you get back...
Me three!
I keep wondering if I should pick everything up and stash it somewhere safe for you, ha!

Hope you don't get robbed too blind by random passers-by!