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Delphin's Home Street

Owned by Delphin


1 Wood Tree, 1 Bean Tree, 4 Metal Rocks for mining, 1 Sparkly Rock for mining, and 8 Crop Garden plots.


Hoe and Watering Can
The hoe and watering can here are only to be used for this garden. Please do not steal them, they are mine and I do not want anyone to steal them. They are only to be used if you do not have a hoe or watering can.
If you see anything on my street it is FREE! Yes I said FREE. Mine it, pick it up, no harvesting (sorry but it is not yours, you can plant and take that) ,but anything else, YOU MAY AND IT IS FREE! You may pay if you like. :) Donations are gladly accepted, potatoes, grain, and corn are more than welcome!
What Do I Do?
You are welcome to use my garden or "rocks", just leave a note saying who you are and what you planted and I will deliver them to your butler at your house. Please leave the notes right where they are. Please do not take them, they are only to be read. You can leave your notes and any stuff you would like to give with my butler.