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Nishi-kun's Home Street | Locations | Glitch

Nishi-kun's Home Street

Owned by Nishi-kun


A Firefly Swarm, 3 Jellisac Growths, 3 Mortar Barnacles, 1 Fruit Tree, 2 Egg Plants, 1 Gas Plant, 1 Bubble Tree, 1 Bean Tree, 1 Spice Plant, 1 Dullite Rock for mining, 1 Beryl Rock for mining, 1 Metal Rock for mining, 1 Sparkly Rock for mining, 4 Herb Garden plots, and 4 Crop Garden plots.


jesus your gnome is creepy
which shouldn't be that much of a surprise, actually...
Let us all go on a Purple Voyage
just once more or a million times before the end