Detritus's Home Street

Owned by Detritus


A Firefly Swarm, 2 Gas Plants, 1 Egg Plant, and 1 Bubble Tree.


Bit o'Ur (n?1) copy#36
What's the rush? There are trees for everyone to climb!

The new hot tub in Callopee has steamy vapors that will even clean all that mining dust from your pores!

A Glitch fights for a better world for children! Who knew a fruit infestation could be so beautiful?

Faereluth was just about to catch up to Kevbob when he up and died. He was dead tired!

Rook sighted in the skies over Oktyabrya, yet the good Cap'n Kelvs and his merry adventurers party on.

Thanks for reading first edition of Bit o?Ur
Staff: Vera Strange, mira gaia maia , goodstory, arizoo.
Special thanks to: Faereluth