Naj Newcot's Home Street

Owned by Naj Newcot


A Firefly Swarm, 3 Jellisac Growths, 3 Mortar Barnacles, 1 Peat Bog, 1 Dirt Pile, 1 Egg Plant, 1 Gas Plant, 1 Spice Plant, 1 Bean Tree, 1 Bubble Tree, 1 Fruit Tree, 1 Beryl Rock for mining, 1 Metal Rock for mining, 1 Sparkly Rock for mining, and 1 Dullite Rock for mining.


Contract of Labor
(The contract appears to be written in Wine of the Dead. It elaborates this cubimal's contract, payment, and subsequent release after serving a predetermined amount of time. There's also some bit about procuring a replacement, but you can't understand all the lawyerese involved.)