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VorpalCheese's Home Street

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Beginning of goodbye.
I remember meeting you back in 2010, when I had accidentally stumbled upon G-chat. Everyone thought I was a troll because of my antics, lol. Over time, we all got to know each other and we all shared a part of our lives during the golden days of MERP. I remember the intrigue, the lulz, the drama. There was DM, Adohn, Nephira, Cai Li, Seyva, Sinki, Lokirus, Neminis, Armineh, Vir, Nijad, Cayenne, and all kinds of awesome characters. Then I got to meet you and Mad at Norwescon. I was so happy to meet you all, and I had a hell of a time at my first con ever... where I also got proposed to by Earnie. I don't know why we drifted apart... everyone went their separate ways, but we are all still G-chatters at heart. I'm running out of space on this note. Wherever you are, I don't know if you will ever see this. if you do... goodbye. You were an amazing friend until the very end, and I will never forget you.