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Dino Chicken Idus's Home Street | Locations | Glitch

Dino Chicken Idus's Home Street

Owned by Dino Chicken Idus


1 Dirt Pile, 2 Egg Plants, 1 Gas Plant, 1 Wood Tree, 1 Bubble Tree, and 8 Crop Garden plots.


Where i will be at The End
I will be sitting in Piano Party in the Vortex of Random... so that I can hear the many happy glitchians, playing the piano, and join them as they leap through the sky. That's just me. Some of you can think of a better place to... end. Like your birthstreet. or country. I was born somewhere in Rasana. I also think some of you can think of better places to be, like certain streets in the Groddles. I know a few places with the most beatiful plants ever, with an everlasting sunset, with cherry trees, and pigs, and chickens, and ...butterflies. I lOVE the butterflies the most of all the animals. yes, even the helikitties. :) Others wish to be in the place they have learned to call home. That they personaly designed. That shows their individuality! But for me, GLITCH shows my personality! My dark sides, my dreams, and my imagination floating all over the place, literally! And others wish to die in sad places to show their sorrow. Like Hell or the Rook's home. I will b with al of u in my <3.