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Region: Uralia


A shrine dedicated to Pot., and Plus 1 Bean Tree, 3 Dullite Rocks for mining, and 2 Beryl Rocks for mining.


Dear Stoot,
I know that you may never have a chance to read this note, so maybe this is as much for you as it is for me. When I saw the video announcing this game was in Beta, I was so honored to be invited in. I fell in love with this world. We all did.

I thank you for giving us a playground.; A soulscape. A dreamscape; a place to connect with the rest of the world; a game that didn't expect me to kill to progress.
CRAB NOTES as of 7:50AM PST Sat
last known plays
doh nuan: BB-1
reisball: DG-2
x: DR-5
bad robot: T-1
elebia: forgot
bunny: DR-1
pearl: dg-5

keep this list updated and we can beat the crab
A note!
2:18 pm eastern - bb-3. no dice!

To all...
Thank you to everyone who has made this game so amazing. You will all be missed. <3
A note!
I just farted