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Irron Lavi | Locations | Glitch

Irron Lavi

Region: Brillah


A Gardening Goods Vendor., A shrine dedicated to Spriggan., and Plus 2 Fruit Trees, 1 Metal Rock for mining, 1 Dullite Rock for mining, and 1 Beryl Rock for mining.


Farewell, Glitch (a love letter)
These past few days have been heart-wrenching -- knowing the end of Ur is so near. The giants will stop imagining, drifting off to dreamless sleep; glitchen and animals alike, frozen in time until forever and never.

I wish I could save Ur. I am but a glitch, I am powerless.

Outside of Ur, however, I am a Giant. And so are you, so is everyone who ever loved this wonderful universe. I will remember and, one day, I too will imagine.

I loved you, Glitch. I love you, Glitch.

I cannot contain my tears.