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Groddle Ladder | Locations | Glitch

Groddle Ladder

Region: Ix


A shrine dedicated to Grendaline., and Plus 1 Bean Tree, 1 Bubble Tree, and 1 Gas Plant.


A note!
Thank you for everything. And good luck to you. Hugs - Nat.
Goodbye Glitch
Lay your picks and scrapers down, Catch the fading evenlight, Butterflies rest in the fruit trees as we sing to Ur, ?goodbye.? Fireflies glimmer, glimmer ?round all Shimla Mirch and back to you Bearing sparks from all the Glitchen And every Giant too. To be woven in our dreaming Goodbye Glitch, goodbye.
Goodbye, Cubimals
When I first joined, I didn't know how different the world could be outside Groddle. The surprise of falling down into Ix was when I knew this game was something special, inventive, and beautiful. Now all my cubimals can decorate that sky!
A note!
I'll miss you, old quoin spot.
Thank you Eric!
hugs to cupcake.