Mrandeya Minds

Region: Firozi


A Groceries Vendor., A shrine dedicated to Lem., and Plus 2 Fruit Trees, 1 Bubble Tree, 1 Dullite Rock for mining, and 1 Beryl Rock for mining.


This is What People do Right?
Well, Glitch is almost over and it's time to say goodbye. So here it is. This is my goodbye note. This is what people do right? Leave notes?
A note!
I love you all
Farewell Glitch
I wish I had had more time :(
This game is beautiful and so are you! I miss you already :x
Thank you!
To all that inhabit this world and to all that made it, thank you.

I wish the experince could have lasted longer, but I am glad that it is an experience that has been available for the short time I have been here.

I shall miss this game more than I thought I ever would.