Ekorran Roughs

Region: Alakol


A Kitchen Tools Vendor., A shrine dedicated to Grendaline., and Plus 1 Dirt Pile, 1 Fruit Tree, 5 Metal Rocks for mining, 2 Dullite Rocks for mining, and 3 Beryl Rocks for mining.

Unlocked by

tweetypie Lellie Mina and 68 others

This location was unlocked 663 days ago.


Allons-y :(.... I don't want to go :''(
A note!
There's only an hour left, so I suppose it's likely that nobody will ever read this, but I love this game so much. And if you're reading this in this last hour, then you love this game too. So hurrah for Glitch and hurrah for Tiny Speck and enjoy these last few minutes!