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Kerivepa Vili | Locations | Glitch

Kerivepa Vili

Region: Aranna


A Produce Vendor., A shrine dedicated to Grendaline., and Plus 1 Bubble Tree, and 2 Fruit Trees.

Connects to

Unlocked by

Scarlett Bearsdale Sumi Lx’s Ghost and 131 others

This location was unlocked 460 days ago.


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End of Days (1/4)
Life is a funny thing. When you first experience it everything is exciting and new and wonderful. After a while that feeling tends to fade and things just are. Life becomes routine, and while sometimes still wonderful, true discovery is harder to come by. At the end of life everything is precious. Nothing is mundane; everything is nostalgic. Every action has meaning; every word has value. As Glitchen, we have never truly experienced this end-of-life revelation and it? is? terrifying.

Words by: WallCrawlingHero
Edits by: Mandustries
End of Days (2/4)
I am what most would still consider a young Glitchen?only about two years old?but at this point what does it matter? The end comes for us all and it?s funny to me that we should be sad over this event, and not angry at the time we?ve wasted in a world doomed to die. It?s funny, but not surprising, and not stupid because time spent in Ur was never wasted. Sadness and regret are the only emotions that make sense. We mourn the world, not as it was or will be in the end, but as it could have been if only we?d had more time. We mourn, not for the friends we lose, but the friends we could have made. We mourn for all the possible versions of ourselves that we will never become.

Words by: WallCrawlingHero
Edits by: Mandustries
End of Days (3/4)
I don?t know what will happen to us in the end, I?m not sure if the Giants themselves know, but I have my beliefs and I choose believe that this is not truly the end. There may be no more Glitchen to walk the world and there may not even be a world to walk, but things that have been imagined cannot truly be lost. I believe we will live on, in other ways and new imaginations. The Giants will create more worlds and perhaps we will be lucky enough to visit those too. We will remember and be remembered in some form or fashion and maybe someday in another life our stories will be legend.

Words by: WallCrawlingHero
Edits by: Mandustries
End of Days (4/4)
These are sad times as we count down to our final days and think on what we might have done, but I know my fellow Glitchen and this will also be a time of celebration. We celebrate the amazing things we accomplished in the brief time given to us and more importantly we celebrate the Glitchen and Giants who made those things possible. We celebrate each other and in doing so we reaffirm the message that whatever happens to us, this world meant something and will continue to mean something until the end of imagination.

Words by: WallCrawlingHero
Edits by: Mandustries
I'll be here
This must be the highest place in Ur. I guess as far as I'll ever know, it is. I started this journey from Ix to experience the wonders of the Purple Flower. It was an amazing experience :)

I'm considering experiencing the end here. It's so quiet and free of "Tributes" *coughlittercough*. It is a vast difference from Groddle Forest (my other option). I wish I knew where I entered this world, but I didn't think it would be important.

Anyways, I'm setting a teleport for here, so I'll probably be here during the end if you want to hang and Purple out.