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Inari Deeps

Region: Chakra Phool


A Gardening Goods Vendor., A shrine dedicated to Spriggan., and Plus A Firefly Swarm, 6 Jellisac Growths, 4 Peat Bogs, and 1 Egg Plant.

Unlocked by

ganjaprincess Couso Merek and 59 others

This location was unlocked 676 days ago.


Puzzle #4: Ditsy Dahlias
Five Glitches were gathered for a moment of silence when
they were interrupted by a strange noise.

Molly said, "What terrible HULLAbaLOO!"
Ollie said, "ChandeLIERS crashing MENacingly!"
Rollie said, "You CAN'T seriously imagine--"
Sally said, "AMbuLANces!"
Ellie said, "GRENDALINE BUries AMbuLANces personally."

What was it?

TO ENTER THE PUZZLE CONTEST: Mail this note, together with your answer and a brief explanation of how you arrived at your answer, to Alw? Sunny no later than noon game time on the 34th of Fever. One entry per Glitch is allowed.

GIVE UP? Mail this note, with a message reading "UNSOLVED", to Alw? Sunny for a full refund.

For further details, including prizes and the leaderboard, visit the puzzle room in Alw? Sunny's tower.

Thanks for playing!