Saani Shim

Region: Chakra Phool


An Alchemical Goods Vendor., A shrine dedicated to Lem., and Plus 8 Jellisac Growths, 4 Mortar Barnacles, 2 Peat Bogs, 1 Spice Plant, and 1 Gas Plant.

Unlocked by

Vexia splotch Essie Kitten and 100 others

This location was unlocked 679 days ago.


Lore of Lem
Back in the days before the Glitches, the Giants gathered together for a feast. All the Giants sat in their places, waiting patiently for their meal to arrive. Only Lem was impatient, pacing about and demanding to know when the food would be prepared. His constant motions distracted Pot, corrupting his imagination and causing the meal to spoil. Upset at the ruination of their feast, the other Giants combined their imaginations to devise a proper punishment. Lem was cursed to wander forever, never staying in one place for long. As time passed and sentience arrived to the world, Lem began to bring others on his journies. Through them he learned many things about the nature of the world he governed. He crafted stations where Glitches could await his arrival. When they felt his venerable presence, they would depart, knowing they were accompanied by a divine Giant and benefitting from his protection. So it was that Lem was granted dominion over travellers and the knowledge they carry.