Billore Crys

Region: Folivoria


An Alchemical Goods Vendor., A shrine dedicated to Ti., and Plus 3 Sloths, 1 Dirt Pile, 1 Fruit Tree, and 1 Bean Tree.


Dear Traveler,
The odds are good that this will be the last letter I ever write.

It was in this place that I finally completed the map of Ur. I have visited every street, bar seams and some quest locations I assume. I have been every mapped place on Ur and several that have not been mapped. Even Groddle Heights was completed at my hand. I saved this region for last, for I had never set foot here before. It is more barren than I imagined.

I will return to the Vortex, I suppose, and to my home, and to the lakeside in Nottis where I can see the moon. It is there that I intend to spend the last of my days, watching the snowy clouds drift along the dark night sky, as the wind howls in the distance. I have never found a more peaceful place to be, nor have I cried so hard in any other location in Ur.

I hope you all keep exploring, though the end is nigh.

Best wishes,