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Smallend High

Region: Groddle Heights


A Produce Vendor., A shrine dedicated to Zille., and Plus 2 Fruit Trees, 1 Sparkly Rock for mining, 4 Metal Rocks for mining, and 1 Beryl Rock for mining.

Unlocked by

Cunning Linguist Arcade Boy tiff and 30 others

This location was unlocked 797 days ago.


This street was always my favorite. It was just one dead end street out in the corner of the map... but it was my favorite place. I spent so much time here. I guess some people are going around dropping their items everywhere... I think I want to hang onto mine. Dropping everything would just feel like... I don't need it anymore. And I do. I guess I'm an optomist, but... I want to hang onto everything, even if I can't access it, in case one day it'll be useful again. If someone's managed to read this after the end, some developer going through and reading all the notes that everyone's dropped... thank you. Thank you so much. I wish you the greatest of luck in whatever it is you do from here on forward. -Kalo Division scriberobin@yahoo.com
Good Bye Smallend High
I had a cave house in SmallendHigh Quarter. This street is my favourite place too.