Amlou Amoo

Region: Haraiva


An Alchemical Goods Vendor., A shrine dedicated to Ti., and Plus 1 Wood Tree, 2 Fruit Trees, 1 Metal Rock for mining, 2 Dullite Rocks for mining, and 1 Beryl Rock for mining.


A note!
Maybe they would climb these glorious mountains again one day. It was hard to say. But each little Glitch who visited was sure to remember every detail, every moment. Each glitch would keep these mountains with them, along with all of their other memories of Ur.

Farewell from Rosewould (@dh_editorial)
A note!
A cloud of beautiful blue butterflies danced in the snow; I massaged each one.

Nona, Wintersleep, sadface, Teaberry... I will remember you.
This game is absolutely preposterous.
I agree wholeheartedly!
And yet, I will really miss it.
A note!
They would have to leave their Ur for awhile, while the Giants were awake, but they would have new worlds to explore, new people were dreaming and those worlds needed to be discovered....