Punar Grotta

Region: Ilmenskie Deeps


A Mining Vendor., A shrine dedicated to Cosma., and Plus 3 Beryl Rocks for mining, 4 Sparkly Rocks for mining, 1 Dullite Rock for mining, and 1 Metal Rock for mining.

Unlocked by

ingrid Piece of Serenity Buffaloe and 85 others

This location was unlocked 639 days ago.


Merry Glitchmas!
An early Merry Glitchmas to you!
A change in caretakers.
It's hard to imagine that tomorrow I won't be able to come and check in on my house, and my butler. I left her with supplies so she can live at my house and take care of the street forever. That's how I like to believe things will go on. The butlers are left to tend to Ur.