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Guillermo Gamera Way | Locations | Glitch

Guillermo Gamera Way

Region: Ix


A shrine dedicated to Pot., and Plus 2 Bubble Trees, and 1 Spice Plant.


so true
it will become like a ghost inside of us and like that we will keep it alive
A note!
The cracks in the sky are still so incredible.
Lay your picks and scrapers down, Catch the fading evenlight, Butterflies rest in the fruit trees as we sing to Ur, "goodbye." Fireflies glimmer, glimmer 'round all Shimla Mirch and back to you Bearing sparks from all the Glitchen And every Giant too. To be woven in our dreaming Goodbye Glitch, goodbye.
A note!
Goodbye cool world...
I have no words to say
I have no words to say that could even begin to describe my sadness. Here's hoping that you, my fellow Glitchen, will.