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Varuna Trough

Region: Jal


20 Salmen.


Thank You TinySpeck!
Thank You TinySpeck! Even if you think you failed us I'm just happy I got to experience Glitch and I wish so hard that there was something I could do but I can't This Game Was Absolutely Preposterous you right but you know i didn't just kind of like it, This game Is Absolutely Preposterous But I Loved It and it was the best game I ever played nothing will replace Glitch and even though it's going away I'll always remember it and all the fun times i had on Glitch i finally found my favorite website It's Absolutely Preposterous But I Loved It And Forever Will. ^_^
A note!
The Giants are awakenin, but as long as someone still dreams the Glitchen will have new worlds to discover. Keep the dream alive!