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Cheiri Ami

Region: Roobrik


Couldn't wait any longer
Meet us in the evacuation zone
To Glitch
I'm happy to be part of this incredible game even if it was only for a short time. Jal stands for a huge amount of creativity as well as all other parts of Urth. Maybe Glitch can be revived one day...
Until then: enjoy Glitch and keep it always in your mind! :)

hello, friends!
i just made my quick trip around roobrik once again! it's a really fun place, and i had forgotten all about it. you can get really into the music here, i might add.

more on my trip around ur before the end of days, with transcriptions of notes, snaps, and maps:

--john egbert
A note!
Happy Glitching!
A note!
follow these steps!!

1)go to my glich profile
2)click the facebook link
3) ADD! :) :)

A note!
And with this street, I have explored everywhre in Brill. It's a strange feeling, that we've just found these places and we'll have to say goodbye.
I'll miss you, Ur.
One of my first Glitch houses, back when Glitch houses had physical locations, was in Borem Summon Quarter, right off this very street. It was a small and not terribly convenient treehouse, but I was fond of it. And tonight I found myself with the urge to visit.

I'll miss this world so much after it goes away.

(P.s.: I've released my two piggies onto this street. Nice to know they'll have lots of other pigs and the occasional heli-kitty for company.)