Region: Samudra


17 Salmen.

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A note!
Puzzle #7: Greedy
Begin with "One".

14 13 9 3 58 92 77 10 21 53 5 15 17 181 6 176 1 18 48 23 33 69 12 8 2 ?

TO ENTER THE PUZZLE CONTEST: Mail this note, together with your answer and a brief explanation of how you arrived at your answer, to Alw? Sunny no later than noon game time on the 13th of Widdershins. One entry per Glitch is allowed.

GIVE UP? Mail this note, with a message reading "UNSOLVED", to Alw? Sunny for a full refund.

For further details, including prizes and the leaderboard, visit the puzzle room in Alw? Sunny's tower.

Thanks for playing!
A note!
I am so sorry the game is ending. Have a nice day!

A note!
hey! its magic1 here add me and IM me if you want my email! ;) <3