Region: Vortex of Random


17 Salmen.


When I try to tell people that I know about the end, they say they don't understand. I don't think I do either, to be honest.
Here, at the end of all things ? I'm glad I'm with you.
A note!
Our minds work as one.
This game, these players, our Giants, Tiny Speck -- all totally priceless. Thank you for being here.
ive read many notes
some are very sad.
many have spoke of having shared this world with a loved one. it made me realize that i came into this place alone. and have only shared brief moments with few. but for the first time i dont feel left out because of this. its exactly like my dreams. traveling strange worlds and meeting new faces. never truely alone. the most comfortable i have ever been outside of my actual dreams was here.
many worlds are fading tonight. not just Glitch. i wonder if i will c
i might miss the underwater streets most
except for ix and uralia and the firebogs- those tie with this magnificent view.

i will miss you all so much.
more then lights expose
who you are
Lem's Farewell
I'm waking up? I had a nice sleep!
What is happening? I feel strange.
Is this the end? Farewell, my friends.

A link to where you can hear the Conch song, even after Glitch. Farewell.
To ease your passing.
One more...
May the road rise to meet you.
May the winds always be at your back.
May the Giants hold you close among them
And keep you safe until we meet again.