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Abbasid Walkway

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Ilmenskie Caverns - Entry 8
Moonday, the 1st of Primuary

The days pass by so quickly down here now. I haven't been home for some time. Has it been a week? Or two? The caverns have been busier than ever, yet I feel more lonely. Glitches mine and run away, frantically searching for the next Sparkly rock.

Even my rock friend has been busy. Four more days of studying for him. He says he's going to make me a better miner if I can just be patient and wait, but sometimes I wonder if he's just stalling. What is it that he's reading?

A note!
Nothing to see here. Move along.
A message from Randi Ranger!
I'm sad to sa good bye to all my friends of Glitch... I hope some day there will be some Tiny Speck of recognition when we meet again! Good bye sad cruel world... get me hooked then leave me alone and lonely!
Chromobear's First and Final Letter

I will miss you dearly. I will miss your giant imagination. But more than anything, I will miss your piglets.

Today, on this final glitching day, I stand on this rooftop with my last litter of piglets and wait for the world to end.