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You're viewing some of nearly 200 "Quick Ideas" Keita Takahashi produced for the MMO Glitch. Have fun!

Quick Idea #170

How is such a wider head for butler? :)

Quick Idea #171

This is idea for global goal.

We can create their body by imagination.

We did it!

And then, They walk around at Ur freely as NPC. (They walk in the most bottom layer at background.)
So you can see them sometimes.

Also they can fight with rook.
If you don't have skills about Orb, you can call them!

When we created all of Giant's body, it's goal.
All giants will walk around or dance at general streets.

Quick Idea #172

I'm not sure whether they are skill, potion or card...

If you touch other player when you were at copy mode..

You can copy out other player's style perfectly.

And, If you touch other player when you were at paste mode...

You can paste up your style to another player perfectly.

When does the player who was pasted return to original?
5min? 30min? or new day?

Quick Idea #173

it's 8bit glitch. (just made smaller the sprite sheets though.)





To my surprise, you can see what 8bit avatar is doing:)
Yeah we can make silly 8 bit level!

BTW all above animations are reduced the frame rate.
following is normal frames.

Quick Idea #174

You can see results or information in chat window.

Quick Idea #175

SUPER quick idea for 12-sided Die.

Quick Idea #176

it might be make better gaming relationship between giants and us if we have time of each giants.
it sets giants at every 5 minutes. it include rook too.

You can get double favor points if you donate appropriate Giant. (The favor point for Alph will 4 times during from 7:35 to 7:40.)
The probability which you are attacked from rook will rise in rook time.
etc, etc

Quick Idea #177

in case of via sign post!
I know you might be able to see new friends on old friends sign post.
However I want to come across new people randomly more.

So, How about this?
You can go to another player's home street without click. This short trip will continue until you stop moving.

Quick Idea #178

Can you make such a great robot by combine with all machines?

Quick Idea #179

The quick idea which view of mini map when you are at img space.

in your img space.
it doesn't have function. just mention to "this is iMG space".
However it might disturb because you can see three avatar's faces. (upper left, middle, upper right)

in other player's img space.
You can see avatar of owner in there.