Scarlet Begonia ?'s Snaps

Fun under the stairs with two of my favorite players <3
Goofing off
Final games of charades and cubi fighting
Goodbye original look. Goodbye alakol mansion.
Goodbye Trisor. Goodbye grapes.
Goodbye (but not forever) to my amazing friends!
Goodbye epic blowout parties with strangers.
Goodbye Glitch, by far the best game I've ever played!
Goodbye dragon
Goodbye Krystal Kaos
Goodbye Rube. Goodbye Stopan Winnow, my first home.
Goodbye gardens. Goodbye butterflies.
Goodbye paper tree. Goodbye musical crab.
Goodbye crazy Cebarkul.
Goodbye chickens. Goodbye Hideout tower. Goodbye gnome.
Goodbye home. Goodbye Milly. Goodbye Magic Rock.
Goodbye machines. Goodbye artifacts. Goodbye cubimals.
Goodbye essences, potions, keys, cards, and everything in between.
Goodbye craftybot. Goodbye thousands of resources.
Goodbye bed that I only used for jumping.
Goodbye wall of "rares."
Goodbye emblems. Goodbye icons. Goodbye Pi pie.
Goodbye piggies.
I'm as big as a Rube potato!!!
1c sale
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