Ganesha Xi in SL's Snaps

You don't say?
Gwendolyn and Kukubee triplets
I've got meat in my tree!
Haha <3 Kukubee
Letter fun
Run, dust bunny!
Noo, not my hairball among hairballs!
Juju Hideout
Aww, the Craftybot retirement home has been decorated for Glitchmas!
And one day we shall...
Typical bachelor pad.
Party. Much hooch involved.
Sloth is rockin' out!
Roasted crafty bot!
I'm on my way!
Bureaucrocs playing Farmville, even you will be missed.
The musical fruit!
Factory defect chick, spigot, Rube shaped potato, and yeti. Can't...
Is it a fly?
What kind of madness is this??
So pretty...
I was alone. I was all by myself. No one was looking, I was...
Piggy just stripped the bubble tree! Bad piggy :(
Look closely at the rock to the left... See how there's a project...
There's no project here, what is this? :P
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