Indikut's Snaps

Woah! I'm stuck under my 1st floor...
More and more and more... the welcoming goes on forever. I am...
Look at that street full of gifts!
Awesome welcome home!
Indeed, Civ Corner, 'tis a meditating party! Medilicious!
Meditation party in the Civ Corner tower with a bunch of Civvies!
All the beautiful things for a big 'ol Civvy welcome!
Civility doing their thing to welcome my beloved to Glitch!
Rough layout for Floor 7
We're all such cheeky &@&#@&#$!
Jump! Dance! Or anything else you can think of in our freakin'...
Chillin' in the new Civility Clubhouse.
Drunken party at Shaniqua's!
Winter party... on the hottest day of the year!
"Who visited?" Yeah, that's right!
Stoot brought Uncle Friendly by to visit.
Stoot in my yard!
Stoot in my house!