Miyoko Magic in SL's Snaps

Fifi doing some yoga (my last snapshot ever in Glitch!)
Login out for the last time, goodbye all :) <3 and I take Fifi...
My room (yes I was sleeping with Stoot...)
Living room
Cubimals v2
Cubimals v1
Sir Percival's room
Eggs room
Yetis welcome rugs
I can't neither
Campain to raise awareness against the abandonned Stoots. Sad sad...
Fifi, it's the last time I see you, take care and thank you for...
Noooo go on holiday, you deserve it ^^
Stoot and I are not here...
Threesome with Stoot
underwater rube
Waves from Australia!
No I'm not
Maybe I shouldn't stay here...
TY to the real Stoot for all that :)
Product placement in Glitch?
yes i can eat all that!
Reminds me of rezzable in Second Life ;)
Too much snow inside my house...
How did you get up here?
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