inky's Snaps

selling all furniture for 500. ho hum.
bye bye pancakes.
ate 10 bags full of cards; liquidated my hoard; tiny house is tiny
i feel like such a tourist. a laggy laggy tourist.
being a tourist @ piece of serenty's tower
inky, inky. how does your garden grow?
thss ist apn
absolutey bored.
the sky weirdos keep dropping gas.
bored. rainbow, biggun, littlun, rainbow, heart. quaff quaff pour...
cloud ghost is stone golem's best friend. lag is not.
inky and the case of mass quantities of anything free.
pancake modifcation.
inky's prized treasures!
shhhhhh pumpkins still.
dance butler dance!
pancake happiness! brought to you by j-pie! pancake messenger to...
or piglets!
i wasn't sure if onion dreams of cubimals
and then all of my glitch boxes arrived. and there was a great...