Teena's Snaps

going down....
hmm..which ass shall I go up?
owl is mourning ...
teenie us :)
Where did my house go?
My tower's (almost) rooftop garden
First death in my new tower!
Blooian... this place blew my mind!
Piryan..I feel like I'm being watched!
Orangian - jumps with ladders!
Griinolyza...cool jumping!
Not food!!
all my friends are leaving me..
ah there it is...
what is my spice doing up there?
sorry but Hell is down!!
Teddy! How many times have I told you about trying to jump over...
seriously ..on my chair!
so sad..poor Miss Lillith
Poor Pitty Pat.....gone now
more teeny bags, odd I have one normal size bag! lol
tiny bags?