Atlantis' Snaps

I want BACON..oh no..FISH! Yeah FISH!
house in the air!
Fun with friends :)
Don't be such a baby Mr Nietzsche ....
number two this week.... lol
Yay! I hope I dont have to pay rent!
Finally...finished! I am never going to leave my house!
aaaaawww croaked at my doorstep, I know I have a creepy house lol
sit down please :)
erm...sorry...but my TP went a bit wrong :)
O where o where are you my dear balcony :D?
Now with Rube painting, better???
right side 2nd floor, not sure about the two lizards, might...
left side second floor; almost finished
I got a frog in my backyard, instead of piggies :)
All alone in Ajaya....but for how long??
ty simplin! hilarious!
we will surely miss him -- sleeping (lol)
You think so? lol
bug (little one) fox bait in tree
ty for smiling fox :)
okay---now back to work!
yeah....keep dreaming
sorry, the chicken wanted to mourn too....I was first!
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