Cristy's Snaps

Who buried the gnome?
Uh oh. I think I'm stuck in my vines. I knew I should have had...
Need a sign? Three new ones available in my tower! You can check...
New tower floor. Uralia-y!
Current furniture at The Carriage House.
Happy Zilloween from The Carriage House!
Tower floor number two.
New lamp in the shop.
Working on my lobby display
Caught in the act!
Working on the lobby.
You are ordered to!
For now my tower will be a little more of a small-ish place...
Oh really?
I know not everything is on a scale that makes real life sense...
Why yes Kukubee, we need more tower exteriors.
Trying out a different house style.
I kind of like this "in progress" floor. Maybe I'll...
So begins the project-ing.
My thinking chair. Now if I could just figure out how to sit....
Sloth cubimal lives up to its name. Slow!
Fueling the fire.
New SDBs!
Bedroom and shop - updates for the family album?
My downstairs display is finally complete.
The donations keep coming. Vigil for Liltc's brother in law.
Firefly Vigil for Litlc and her family.
Does Tii cause gas?!
Is he at the library again?!
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