Marla's Snaps

another try at group pic
DPD at the EOW
yet more DPDers
more of DPD
some of DPD
Is San Ram camera shy?
My very good friend :)
some of DPD
the Glitch logo made of cubis. Gwynne made it. :)
a toilet made from cubis. On Tandem Flush, of course!
me. not obeying the bureaucrocs :)
a horseman of the Apocalypse
My friend the Tool Vendor. best prices in UR! :)
's it!
almost done
love the fireplace!
more of the 2nd floor
too many philosophers!
potions .. and a craftybot who won't come out of his box
I eat out or order in :)
moving right along ...
more of my house
stoot and the Glitchmas Yeti :)
The Rube ...good trade or bad? :)
one of my favorite outfits :)
my house
summer at home with Fawcett and a gnome
Glitchmas 2012 -- if we had had one.
awww Heli Kitties are soooo cute! :)
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