Lilith's Snaps

Laughing in Hell!
There, I'm in the picture now!
WOW! On Zug Zug street!
Go towards the light, Lilith...
Well, hello there!
Flower rainbow
The pantry
Organization is the key!
Me with a few of my favorite things...
getting away from it all...
Eleanor Rigby hit 60 and we had a party! :D
new door?
Oooh, the new b0tler arrived!
Multi-pole personalities
Burma Shave Signs!
Banzaiiii! For The Experiment
Look, Sirentist has an itchy butt, too... For The Experiment
Tryin' my luck... for The Experiment!
Scratching my butt while observing Sheepy's shapely behind... for...
For the Experiment... let's see what's on the slab!
Hee! There are bunnies in my garden!
And the orchard, to the east.
Icon Alley, with a bean tree giving the tree-equivalent of...
Central front yard view...
Front yard, western view
The back forty...
Welcome to Chez Lilith, a work in progress.
Does something smell funny in here?