Moi's Snaps

One last hurrah.
Here at the End of All Things.
Yeoman's Bluff.
Looking out on Glitch's last night.
GoC with part of my collection (:
I'll miss you, GoC ):
And so it was that Esquibeth of Inari took her final pilgrimage.
Goodbye, home street ):
Jujus... knit?
End of Days.
There's no place like home.
Has this always been foggy and I'm just completely unobservant or...
I love that there's a piano here. And I love even more that the...
Omg there are dust traps outside of the AL?!
These salt and pepper shakers are ADORABLE.
It's not Cebarkul, but at least there's a kitty for m4 to cuddle...
There's something not quite right here...
What are you looking at?
Good Night, Cebarkul.
I will miss you, Ancestral Lands, and your silly Jujus and dust...
I like how we're shaped almost like a tree.
Game of Crowns group pic <3
Fun Murder Mystery times.
The amount of hogtied Ilmenskie Joneses just lying around on the...
All five necklaces!
My house is too big to RK bomb, she says. Challenge accepted.
The fruits of Gwyn's labours.
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