Friday 13's Snaps

i lobe you ts
i am a bad little glitch
how do i get a sip?
hahahah you can't get me down here!
can i take her home?
camping is fun and fun is good
flying in a donut!
Amber joint...
I am going to get another one of these on this branch, I am, I am
oh no, i am going to land on that spikey thing, i just know it!
you again?
ear farts
I just love trees!
count battra pole dancing in the trees
glowing lantern at night
hanging out in the bird nest
more sunsets
nice day for a sunset adventure
going down the slide
Jope is blending in
in the hand of the giant
if you take away the lag I will come play with you
pole dancing
memories of a fall day?
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