Botia's Snaps

My favorite outfit, my favorite spot. Goodbye, Ur.
One of Ur's most lovely landscapes...and where I'm ending my days.
Where I'm spending the end of the world
Weird cubimal sculpture in Brillah
Cubimal art!
Hanging out in one of my favorite places.
Granny Juju
W. T. F.
Hanging out in my favorite spot with some of my favorite people.
As close as we'll ever be.
*sigh* we're almost down to the end of the world.
Kitty triptych
One of the few kitties in Glitch.
Drowned emo bear. onoes!
One of these bottle trees is ROFLOL :)
Paying a final visit to one of my favorite Mazza'la salamanders.
Ghost in Hackfast Quicks, just to the right of the shrine, above...
Closeup of wild fireflies. My theory is that these are queens,...
Fireflies up close (in a jar)
fish fossil in Samuda :)
Another Uralian owl in Drifa!
Uralian burrowing owl, allll the way up north in Drifa!
Heli kitty sitting
Strange being in Jethimadh tower ventilation room.
Locusts in Ix, destroying the trees! There's a whole swarm of 'em...
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