Snaps liked by Miss Vera

ok.....this is uncomfortable
Taken by Lyrical DejaVu
Party time under the sea
Taken by Reisball
Can't Spell right with sleepin' Glitch
Taken by kepi
warm glow
Taken by mickey
It's a Miracle!
Harr! Amelia's asleep! Rook attack!!!
Taken by Gordon Lughsen
Sherlock's study... still in progress
Taken by Amelia-Fae
Just a jump to the left.
Taken by Chimeric
"weeeee!" say the icons
Taken by ConcreteWaffer
I love the simple elegance of this lobby!
Taken by Botia
I never realized there was a dinosaur right here in Callopee!
Taken by Tat2

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