Zanthis' Snaps

small glitch train.
Scary red bug creature!
Goodbye Glitch.
Standing on the word.
Wonder who the glitch on the bench is...
These ruins are where my first (and only) Glitch apartment were....
The strange new ideas that come up when the wURld is ending.
My first Glitch house was here, back when houses were attached to...
Things I'll miss.
purring kitteh.
Moar Kittehs!
yep, definitely the most strange.
definitely strange.
The giant dinosaur? tunnels are perhaps the strangest transit...
Valhalla party space.
The other half.
One of the best spots in Ur.
Now we'll never know what was behind the East door...
The Salty Dawg
Overly obvious Twilight Zone Reference.
Kitteh Nap
Some players have gotten VERY creative with extra cubimals......
First evidence of glitchen roads...
First run, last run.
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