Fritzl's Snaps

Spider pig!
What is this I don't even... best Ur art ever?
Party time in Cebarkul!
Death surrounds us in Cebarkul.
Counting down to the end of Ur in Cebarkul.
Piggly plop public art?
Val Holla party space
There's a thing right in from of me, which I can't interact with....
Running out of storage space in my house...
Zilloween again in Cebarkul!
Strangeness in Cebarkul...
Dropped a piglet on the floor above yesterday, found it hiding...
Suddenly my house looks a bit purplish. Probably a flashback from...
"On NaN:NaN am, 0th of undefined, year NaN." Good times...
A Dust Bunny in Cebarkul!
Zilloween candy binge in Cebarkul
Zilloween is coming!
Classy joint!
Where on Ur am I now? And how did I get here?
Stuck beneath the floorboards again...
The Cubimal Sanctuary gift shop is now open for business!
Ennuienta's museum of treasure!
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