Vocable's Snaps

Surprise something, what is it?
Waiting for twilight ...
Beautiful Marrakesh Meadow
Remembering my favorite places in Glitch: Wintry Place with the...
Stoot Barfield's old avatar and costume, by the light of the moon...
I dressed up as one of stoot's earlier avatars
People have started dressing up as stoot, here I am in one of his...
So many glitchen visiting Stoot Barfield's home street.
Glitch potlatch
So many people at once in a new beautiful place
Glitch noir?
The bead is prettier than the necklace, IMO
Amelia Fae has such a fun witty tower!! This is Teddy Bears Picnic.
So pretty, thank you, TS for another really interesting place to...
Yay I am in the cool kids clubhouse!
Hey there! New Hampshire in Glitch!
Beautiful spaces in Ur: The tower known as Milliways
Chocolate Bunny street!
Veruppa Vellums is a beautiful place!
Happiness is a beautiful party space with friends, and a GNG...
Oh noes! How do I get to the party now???? It is in the wall of...
Ananda and me in beautiful party space
Me and Esquibeth
Flowery & bowery thanks to DungKicker Drops!
Beautiful flowery viney furniture plus DungKicker drops -- the...
At least I am dressed for the cold weather!
I found a rook side table in my inventory, which is great because...
Racing a mini cubi under the Greedy Street Spirit
New most popular vendor in the game!
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